Monday, February 16, 2009


Even though we are laughing today, having a nice time here, but don't forget our friends in Palestin. May Allah showering His blessing to them. Aamin..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 7 Day Happiness Workout

  • Monday : Make a dicision to be happy. Happiness is a choice, but you need to believe it's achievable
  • Tuesday : Determine what happiness means to you there's no right or wrong, do what you need to get more of it in your life
  • Wednesday : Think happy thoughts. Look for the positives in life & appreciate what's good
  • Thursday : Control what you can, accept what you can't & practice knowing the difference
  • Friday : Make someone you care about happy. Spend time with people who are important to you
  • Saturday : Live healthy. You'll be happier if you eat well, exercise regularly & get enough sleep
  • Sunday : Make all the above part of your life. Happiness is a few simple diciplines practised every day

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learn How To Feel Good

Cheer Up and Feel Better Now

When you have the blues and are eager to learn how to feel better, use one or more of these four tips for cheering up and feeling good.

When You Have the Blues
Are you feeling the blues? Do you want to feel better? That's not a rhetorical question. It's important to ask yourself if you're ready to cheer up. Sometimes when we've had a setback we want to grieve for awhile. It's okay to allow yourself time to be sad, anxious, fearful, upset, or whatever emotion you're feeling. Recognize the emotion and allow it.

But do yourself a favor by setting limits on your blue mood appropriate with the nature of the problem. A broken relationship deserves a lengthier grieving period than a dead car battery.
When you're ready to cheer up and eager to start to feel good again, here are some tips that will help.

Four Ways to Feel Better Now
Reach for your feel-good file and read through it slowly, basking in the accolades you've accumulated there. What? You don't have a feel-good file? Well, it's time to start one. Make a list of every accomplishment of which you're proud. Go back as far as you can recall. From now on, every time someone gives you a compliment or you accomplish something that fills you with pride, put it in your file.

Grab your list of personal values and slowly read through them, acknowledging that someone with this value set is a good person, indeed. What? No personal vaues list? You guessed it, time to start one. Make a list of every personal characteristic that is very important to you.

Dig out your list of favorite activities, those things you just love to do. Pick one at random and jump into it. If it isn't practical to actually do it, simply daydream about it. Imagine being immersed in this activity and the pleasure you feel whenever you do it. Oops! You don't have this list either? It's time to start a list of everything you really love to do. Go back as far as you can remember. Even the activities you loved as a child have adult versions that will give you just as much pleasure.

Feel Good a Step at a Time
Learning to feel good is a step by step process. Shoot for a little better feeling using one of these tips, then repeat the process over and over.